Whether you teach in a school, college or as a private tutor, everyone recognises that the logistical preparation required for successful teaching outcomes can be problematic. Time and budgets are almost always limited, often leading to the need for shortcuts to be taken; a risky strategy that can harm student outcomes and escalate to serious consequenes for teachers.
Smart Learning tools provide a solution for teachers who need to increase productivity without taking risks that can impact their student performance.


Smart Learning tools allow immediate teaching requirements to be managed efficiently while also supporting the bigger picture and needs of individual students.

Teaching Logistics

Nextpoint learning support tools help teachers to manage the logistics of delivering learning programmes based on the Smart Learning model. The learning support tools take care of planning and assessment logistics so that teachers gain more time to invest in teaching their students.

Assessment Management

High quality formative assessment allows teachers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students, but can be a costly burden that requires time to prepare and mark. Smart Learning tools allow for benefits of detailed assessment to be gained without the associated time costs.

Lesson Preparation

Great lessons require advanced insight to what students need and the teaching approaches they best respond to. Smart Learning tools help teachers make every lesson great by providing insights for lesson preparation that allow students to be highly productive.
  • Highlight students who need attention.
  • Access ready made lesson content.
  • Understand how students are responding to lessons.
  • Progress students at their own pace of learning.
  • Identify student groups who are ready to progress.
  • Categorise students based on learning characteristics.
  • Focus time investment to achieve targeted learning outcomes.
  • Manage learning feedback to understand student progress.