About Nextpoint

Nextpoint is a social enterprise whose primary agenda is to influence the accessibility of education and careers for people who face barriers relating to social mobility and difficulties in learning.

Founded in 2007 by Leon Brown, the company has been responsible for supporting the development of skills and careers through its inhouse programmes and collaboration with industry partners. Its activities seek to deliver positive influence through:

The company has worked with international publishers and training organisations to create, distribute and deliver knowledge through content and training programmes that have helped people to develop skills and career awareness to become more employable for the benefit of employers. The company has also worked with schools, colleges and universities to provide insights on career opportunities and the skills required to access them.

In addition to working with its partners, Nextpoint has provided direct support to individuals for progressing their education and access to careers. Achievements include:

In 2015, the company's research and development work for innovation in education gained recognition through the North West Coolest Techie award.