Nextpoint helps people to learn useful skills through the creation and delivery of easy to understand content, programmes and interactive learning tools. From numeracy to advanced programming, Nextpoint's approach to learning has a high focus on making learning easy that develops confidence and achieves results with less time and effort.

Nextpoint content supports people to develop skills in:

Fun Learning

Psychology is a significant influence of a person's ability to be successful in their learning. When a person percieves learning to be a chore, there will always be a temptation to leave learning commitments to the last minute and limit the amount of time invested.

Learning outcomes are primarily a reflection of practise; time lost to procrastination is time lost to improve skills and knowledge. The introduction of fun to learning makes it easier to develop the discipline needed to thoroughly engage learning through an enjoyable experience that offers motivation to engage learning through curiousity and desire to achieve.

Easy Learning

All complexity comes from simplicity. This understanding allows people to break the technical and mental barriers that have prevented them from progressing their understanding a subject.

From identifying how every maths concept is based on addition and subtraction, through to showing inheritence as a feature to replicate existing functionality in software engineering, Nextpoint learning solutions make complicated subjects easy to understand.

Contextual Learning

Skills and knowledge have no value without understanding how to apply them usefully. In addition to making concepts easy and fun to learn, Nextpoint learning solutions allow skills and knowledge to be learnt with an understanding of their successful application to real situations.

From probability as a component to reduce risk in decision making, through to object oriented programming for immunity to changing specification requirements, contextual learning is the difference between being able to merely "talk the talk" and actually "walk the walk".