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Convenient Learning

The complete package for advancing your skills and knowledge supported by professional direction. Gain the advantages of personalised tuition and training without the expense and limitations of rigid teaching schedules. Nextpoint allows you to access the 1:1 support you need to study at the time and convenience that suits your schedule.

Effective Study Planning

Maximise your learning potential with the direction you need to define an effective learning strategy. From creating your study schedule to the practice you engage in, Nextpoint helps you to make substantial progress with the time and effort you invest into your studying.

Practise for Perfection

Built to recognise how practice is the foundation of the highest learning achievements. Nextpoint's learning functionalities create opportunities to advance your understanding of concepts using practical interactions and feedback. Build a stronger understanding of each topic using exercises designed to help you connect the concepts you learn about with relatable situations and contexts.

Support For:
Functional Skills
Home Schooling

Nextpoint provides more than just extra lessons. Develop the mindset and perspective needed to succeed in exams and paths towards careers of the Information Age.

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